• Clever Child

    Improves memory power and concentration | Act as a nerve tonic

      • Provide nutrients to brain, promotes memory power, memory retention, concentration and cognitive function
      • Improves immune mechanism, Strengthen the vitality and bio strength with natural resistance against disease
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  • Healthy Child

    Promotes memory power | Improves immune mechanism | Strengthening of bones

      • Provide nutrients to brain, promotes memory power, memory retention, concentration and cognitive function
      • Improves immune mechanism, Strengthen the vitality and bio strength with natural resistance against disease
      • Act as nerve tonic enhance immune system
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  • Detox

    Act as an effective detoxifier | Relieves constipation | Act as a Blood purifier

      • Expels the toxins and revives the function of kidney
      • Ease bowel movements and it relieves constipation
      • Strengthens gastrointestinal system
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  • Be Cool

    Free from dandruff | Helpful in reducing excess body heat

      • Helps to remove dandruff and promotes hair growth
      • Helps to reduce excess body heat
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  • Haeme +

    Act as a cardiac tonic | Improves immune mechanism | Improves haemoglobin levels

      • Helps to increase appetite
      • Improve immune mechanism
      • It helps to reduce body heat, and burning sensation in the hands and leg.
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  • Energy Booster

    Promotes longevity of life | Strengthens the nervous system

      • Improves blood circulation, and promotes longevity of life
      • Strengthens the nervous system, boosts immunity and relieves tiredness
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  • Ortho Care

    Instant remedy in pain management | Reduces joint pain & swelling

      • It provides an instant remedy in pain management
      • Strengthens the bones and combats joint pain and swelling
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  • Go Go Pain

    Relieves body ache | Instant pain relief

      • Essential for pain management in arthritis
      • Indicated for instant pain relief and relieves muscular sprain
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  • Breathe Ease

    Act as tonic to respiratory system | Relieves headache | It enhance immune system

      • Helps to support the respiratory function
      • Its external application can relieves headache
      • Act as nerve tonic and enhance immune system
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  • Shape U

    Essential to aid digestion | Manages obesity

      • Aid digestion and improves heart and mental health
      • It is essential for ideal blood cholestrol levels, manages obesity and controls excess appetite
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  • Digest +

    Essential to aid digestion | Corrects indigestion

      • G free is recommended to prevent the formation of fermented gas reduction of tummy
      • Indicated in heart burn, peptic ulcer and corrects indigestion
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  • Stress Free

    Indicated for all diseases from head to toe | Helps to support the immune system

      • A natural supplement to support nervous system, and essential for good mental acuity and promotes sound sleep
      • Promotes vitality and helps to support the immune system
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  • BP Norm

    Helps to maintain ideal blood pressure | Coolant property | Essential to manage hypertension

      • Strengthen the nervous system
      • It is known for its coolant property, Treating leucorrhea, hyperacidity,urinary disorders
      • Essential to manage hypertension
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  • Dia Care

    For ideal blood glucose level | Essential for ideal Blood and urine sugar level

      • Sirugurinjan stimulates function of pancrease
      • Essential for ideal glucose level in urine.
      • Corrects excess urination.
      • Corrects burning sensation of foot.
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  • Res Free

    Beneficial in sinus and migraine headache | Strengthen the respiratory organs

      • Indicated in Cough, cold and astmatic condition
      • Supports the resiratory mechanism
      • Recommended for sinusitis.
      • Overcome kapha ailments
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  • Fat Burst

    Essential for healthy weight loss | Excellent Appetizer

      • Essential for healthy weight loss
      • Helps for ideal blood cholestrol level
      • Relieves constipation
      • Strengthens gastrointestinal system
      • Enhance immune health
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  • Joint Care

    Essential to reduce pain and swelling of joints| Promotes sleep

      • Combats degenerative changes of joints
      • Works to relieve stiffness
      • Indicated to improve to blood circulation to joints
      • Mitigates the deranged vata humor
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  • Women Care

    Recommended for menstrual irregularity | It reduces excess body heat and expels toxins

      • Recommended for menstrual irregularity
      • Exhibits antibacterial and antifungal property to combat white discharge.
      • Reduces body heat,burning sensation of urine,abdominal pain
      • Essential for ideal blood sugar level
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  • Skin Care

    Combats skin allergy and relieves itching | Purifies the blood

      • Purifies the blood
      • Relieves itching
      • Helps to heal mouth and topical ulcers
      • Enhance immune health
      • Controls excess urination.
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  • Mens Care

    Maintains a healthy reproductive life in men| Essential to enhance the vitality of Sperm

      • Essential to increase sperm count in males
      • Improves fertility factor of men
      • Essential to enhance the vitality of Sperm
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  • Thyrocare

    Enhances the immune system | Maintains ideal weight

      • Nourishes the blood tissue
      • Improves vision
      • Detoxifies the blood
      • Improves blood circulation
      • Promotes longevity of life
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  • Strength +

    Strengthens the nervous system | Rich source of vitamin c and other nutrients

      • Strengthens the nervous system
      • Indicated in insomnia
      • It stimulates liver and expels the toxins
      • Supports your digestive system
      • Enhance the immune health
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  • Gastro Care

    Digestive stimulant | Boosts immunity

      • Indicated in treating hyperacidity
      • Corrects heart burn
      • Heal the ulceration of mucosa of stomach
      • Relieves gastric pain.
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  • Cholest All

    Reduce the deposition of fat | Maintains ideal blood cholesterol

      • Regulates the proper uptake of required food by the body.
      • Improves digestion.
      • Boosts immunity
      • Helps to maintain ideal blood cholesterol
      • Helps in weight management.
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