• Alday

    Contain rejuvenating herbs like ashwagantha,musli,silasathu

      • Maintain pitha
      • strengthens the nervous system
      • Sleeplessness
      • boosts immunity
      • menstrual disorders
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  • Respitone

    Contain Adathoda and Thalisapatri

      • beneficial in sinus and migraine headache
      • Cough, cold all get relieved by this
      • It removes any type of breathing problem
      • Makes normal respiration
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  • Obecare

    Contains Nuna, garlic, pepper and Tamarind

      • Reduces body weight
      • It removes unwanted cholesterol from the body
      • Pepper and garlic promotes digestion
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  • Marsulin

    Neem ,sirugurinjan,venthayam,naval are present

      • Reduces blood sugar level
      • Venthayam contains fibre
      • Sirugurinjan stimulates pancreas secretion
      • Naval contain astringent so it cures urinary tract infection
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  • Novite

    It recommended for menstrual irregularity

      • recommended for menstrual irregularity
      • exhibits antibacterial and antifungal property to combat white discharge
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  • Spirect

    It corrects anaemia and nourishes the blood tissue

      • enhances the immune system
      • corrects anaemia
      • nourishes the blood tissue
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  • Artholube

    Omam,valuzhuvai,Kungiliyam are present

      • Degenerative changes
      • Swelling and pain reduced
      • It supply blood flow gradually to all joints
      • Stiffness are relieved
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  • Dermogurd

    It combats skin allergy, relieves itching

      • purifies the blood
      • relieves skin ailments
      • relieves itching and skin dryness
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Almaa acknowledges, abides and acts upon the principles and provides right treatment for universal diseases with herbal products as food supplementary, While pharmaceutical companies extract active ingredients from plants and sell them as drugs.

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